Sunday, September 17, 2017

Buddies Forever...And Ever

When I found out I was having a baby I dreamed of all the cute matching outfits we'd and my mini me. I always loved the pictures I'd see on Insta of moms and their baby girls matching outfits and I absolutely couldn't wait until I could do the same. Then it occurred to me that I might have a boy....

And then I did...<3 so no matching tutus or topknots for my and my little rough and tumble boy but I still wanted to find ways to match every now and then. Sadly, there isn't always too much out there for a mom to matching with a little boy....which is why I love these tees from Target!

I'm wearing a small in the women's and J is wearing the 12m

The best part is that they have a selection for the whole family! I don't know if I can convince my husband wear his shirt with us but for now I love being able to match with my sweet boy! Buddies forever.... And ever!

You can shop them all right here: MENS (Buddies Forever), MENS (And Ever), WOMENS (Buddies Forever), WOMENS (And Ever), KIDS (Buddies Forever), KIDS (And Ever)TODDLER (Buddies Forever), TODDLER (And Ever), BABY (Buddies Forever), BABY (And Ever)