Thursday, July 20, 2017

Top 10 Baby Products I Use Everyday // {Kim's Top 10}

1. Dock a Tot: Baby J sleeps in this thing I read so much about this thing and knew that I had to have it. It keeps him snug and comfy through every nap and night time sleep. You can buy them here and here...but you guys...they sell them online at TARGET..which means that if you have a baby registry you can use your 15% off to get it :) On their website they have different cover prints, accessories, and even a new baby monitor feature that is coming out soon. It's so easy to travel with and one of my favorite baby purchases. They come in two sizes, the Deluxe for babies 0-8 months or 5-22 pounds and the Grand for babies 9-36 months or 22-40 pounds. Shop the Deluxe HERE in white, HERE in chevron, and HERE in black/white. Click HERE for toys and arch accessories. Click HERE for Grand covers and HERE for Deluxe covers. You may see the new Deluxe+. The difference between the Deluxe and the Deluxe+ is the new loops for the toy arches on the Deluxe+. These accessories are new and therefore original Deluxe covers did not have this loop. 

2. Comotomo Bottles: My favorite bottles. Period. Okay so we really only tried these and the Avent bottles...but I really really dig the Comotomo bottles. They are super easy to clean, have a number of nipple flow options, and you can buy handles for them! The wide mouth also makes it easy to pour in breast milk or drop in your formula. They are made of silicone so they feel amazing and are easy to grip. I also love that they are great for breastfeeding babies. If you switch back and forth between the bottle and the breast, give these a try, they are supposed to mimic breastfeeding very well. This was really important to me when I was looking for bottles because I wanted to make sure that J would feel comfortable going back and forth between the two. So far everything's been great! Shop them HERE and HERE.

3. Fisher Price Bouncer: I originally bought this Fisher Price Bouncer to put in our home gym so J could have something to keep him entertained while I worked out....but it has quickly become our go to seat around the house when we need him to stay occupied. It has a vibration soother and it’s not too big that I feel like it’s in the way….not to mention it’s totally affordable at only $30! It also matches his play mat really well which I love. Shop it HERE. Click HERE for a more neutral version.  

4. Motorola Baby Monitor: I love this wi-fi monitor because it is remotely accessible! All you have to do is download the Hubble App and you can view from wherever you have internet access. It's awesome! I shoot my husband a text while he's a work and he can take a peek at his sweet little boy. The handheld monitor that comes with the camera does have a smaller screen, so if you're looking for a really large picture you won't get that here. Honestly that doesn't impact my opinion of the camera at all. The screen is clear and it does everything I need it to. I haven't experienced any lag with the camera and video streaming which is great because the last monitor I got that was a different brand was super laggy. I do want to mention that this system does not have pan and tilt so you will have to adjust the camera manually. However, using the handheld monitor you can zoom in/out, it has a two way mic, and it displays the temperature. There are also 5 lullabies that you can control of the handheld. I do wish that there was a white noise option since that's what we use. I believe you can also add additional cameras...we haven't done that but it's a great feature. Shop it HERE

5. Boppy Lounger: I have the original Boppy Nursing Pillow but I honestly use the Boppy Lounger way waaaay more. Wheather I'm sitting on the living room floor folding laundry or my husband is on the couch giving J a bottle, the lounger is such a convinient little seat for our guy. It's comfy and provides great support. I used the original Boppy when I first started breastfeeding but once I got the hang of hold and nursing the baby I didn't really use it anymore. I'm sure J will eventually grow out of the lounger...pretty soon probably by the way he's growing...but we definitely got our monies worth out of it. To clean it I just tossed it into my front load washer and dryer and it was good to go. Shop it HERE or HERE

6. 4Moms Baby Bathtub: Okay so I know you can dip your elbow in the water and some people will probably think this bathtub is so extra..buuut..I still love it. As a first time mom there are a lot of things you worry about. Well, this tub takes the worrying out of bath time by displaying the water temperature and a green light when the water is perfect for you little one. If the water gets too hot the display flashes red and even beeps. Another great thing that I love about this tub is the fact that it keeps clean water flowing in and dirty water flowing out. I don't know about your baby but a warm bath is like pushing a "Pee Now" button on my kid. Shop it HERE or HERE

7. Boppy Changing Pad Liners: These are so handy. I keep one everywhere. I guess they're made to put on top of your changing station pad...but I don't use them for that. They are waterproof on one side and a terrycloth fabric on the other. They fold up and are easy to throw in your diaper bag, keep around the house, or store in the car. I read different reviews on diaper changing pads and some people were complaining that this pad didn't have memory foam or that pad wasn't thick if you're looking for those things this is not it. It's basic but it works. They're super convenient and J doesn't seem to mind that this isn't a Temperpedic :P Shop them HERE or similar ones HERE.

8. Graco Pack'N Play: We have two pack n plays, one in the living room and one in our bedroom. This exact one is in our living room and we use it so much. It comes with a bassinet area, a newborn napper, and a changing table. We never really used the fact all ever ever use this for is to change diapers. Once J gets too heavy for the table we'll probably take it out and just use the bassinet area for changing. We have this pack 'n play next to our bed and J sleeps in this at night in his Dock-a-Tot. It's a great size and a nice neutral color. I love both of these and they were definitely worth the cost. Shop them HERE and HERE.

9. White Noise Machine: If you don't have a white noise machine go get one now. I know every baby is different but if you are having some issues getting baby to sleep through the night definitely try this out. It is really helpful. Something I learned from a baby sleep program I recently read, is that babies have sleep cycles and it's really important to have consistency. This little machine not only helps drown out other noises but I also think that it helps J when he wakes up on his own to hear it and know that it's still sleepy time. We have THIS one but I also like THIS one and THIS one. 

10. Swaddle: When J first came home he did not like to be swaddled. a couple months down the road we decided to try it again and boom..he loved it. I have a bunch of different brands but the Cloud Island three pack from Target is my absolute favorite. They are sooooo soft and super super affordable. There are a bunch of fun prints and let me tell you, I know everyone is all about the Aden and Anais brand but you need to try these. We have THESE but I love THESE for baby sweet! Since J has been rolling over we switched over to the Halo Sleep Sack. We still use these swaddles to cuddle, lay down on the carpet, or wipe up drool...but click HERE to shop the sleep sack we use everyday. Its soft and safe for worrying about loose fabrics in bed with your little one. 

Extra: Uppa Baby Vista and Mesa: Okay, so I don't use this everyday but it is so amazing I had to put it in here because it definitely does get a lot of use. I did a lot of research on strollers before choosing the Uppa Baby Vista. You can read all about it HERE. Ultimately, I decided on it because it just had everything I was looking for. I love using it because it's so easy to maneuver (even with one hand), it has a huge basket...huuuuge (one time I even had a box of furniture in there while I was shopping at Target), it is convertible and can carry up to three kids, it came with a bassinet which I really really wanted, and it just looks great (I get asked all the time what brand it is and where to get it). One thing I especially love is that the Uppa Baby infant car seat, the Mesa, fits right on the stroller. There are no attachments needed and it fits on there without the toddler seat. Some strollers have a seat and then you have the infant car seat on top of that and I just think it's looks too bulky...but with the Vista and Mesa you really get a clean, modern, high end look. They are pricier than some other car seats and strollers but I absolutely love mine and definitely recommend them. Shop the newest models HERE and HERE