Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Medela Sonata // {Review}

I purchased the Medela Sonata after I had my baby in January. I haven't used any other pump so this isn't really going to be a comparison, but I still wanted to share my experience with this product because when I was looking around I couldn't really find a lot of reviews on this particular item. So, if you're interested in the Medela Sonata check out the post below 😊

Quick Rundown 

1.       Quiet
2.       Useful App
3.       Two Pumping  Phases: Stimulation and Expression
4.       10 Suction Levels
5.       Two Pumping Rhythms
6.       Single and Double Pumping
7.       Portable
8.       Sleek design

1.       No memory option
2.       Heavy parts
3.       Expensive

The Sonata is the newest pump from Medela and what makes it so unique is its ability to connect to your devices via Bluetooth. Medela has created an app that works in conjunction with the smart pump to help moms track various sessions including breastfeeding, pumping, bottle feeding, diapers, sleeping, and even the height and weight of your little one. 

When connected, the app automatically syncs to the pump for real time tracking during your pumping session. You can also enter in the information manually if you choose. The app has options for time, duration, amount of milk pumped, and which breast you pumped on. 

The app allows you to track how long you breast feed and which breast you finished on. You can also track diaper changes and whether they were wet, dirty, or both. 

The bottle feeding option gives you the ability to track when your little one takes a bottle, how many ounces he drank, and if it was breast milk, formula, or both. 

Sleeping times can also be tracked but I really haven't used this option very much. 

MyMedela App 

I have found the app to be a great tool for me to as a new mom. It really helps me keep track of everything going on with my little guy in addition to how my breastfeeding and pumping are going.

As for the pump itself, it's beautiful. I love the sleek design and modern look. It's easy to carry with a built in handle on the backside and it has an option to silence the button and notification noises. Speaking of notification noises, the pump will alert you if you are losing suction at all which is super helpful! The Sonata is also very very quiet! I can use it in the middle of the night right next to my little dude without worrying about waking him. 

The pump allows for single or double pumping. It has two phases, Stimulation and Expression, which is supposed to give you more milk in less time. The stimulation phase lasts two minutes and then it automatically switches to the expression phase. There is a button to switch directly to the expression phase before the two minutes are up.

The Sonata has ten different suction levels and two pumping rhythms. I don't really notice a difference in my milk output when I use either of the pumping rhythms so I typically stay on the first rhythm at the 3rd suction level.

One thing I do wish a pump this expensive had is a memory option. After the stimulation phase ends, it automatically begins pumping on the 4th suction level, which I find a little too uncomfortable for me. As a result, I always get a little twinge of discomfort when it begins the expression phase.
Another difference in this pump compared to their other ones, are the parts. The pumping kits are different than all the other Medela kits and are not compatible with other pumps from the brand. However, the breast shields are the same. Also, I noticed that when the pump kits are completely assembled they feel a bit heavy. I use a strapless pumping bra and it’s super convenient but with the weight of the pumping kit plus the expressed milk it’s a little on the heavy side. Another thing I think someone might consider, though it doesn't really bother me to be honest, are the parts to clean. The pumping kit itself includes multiple pieces so there's definitely a lot to wash. 

I bought my pump at Target for $399 you can check it out HERE. The whole kit came with the rechargeable breast pump, 2 breast pump kits, two 24mm breast shields, two 27mm breast shields, 4 bottles with lids, 1 cooler, 1 ice pack, tubing, a power cord, and two bottle stands. The Sonata also comes with a bag. I don’t use it because I don’t need to pump on the go but if you are interested in it, it’s plain black and not too big but it has plenty of storage for the pump and parts.

Overall I would say that I’m really satisfied with this pump. Like I mentioned before I haven’t used any other pumps since this is my first baby, but I would definitely buy this all over again. I feel like the quality of the pump, the usefulness of the app, the easy operation functions, and the accessories that are included make the price worth it. You can purchase this pump at different locations but I got mine at Target so if you're interested in getting it you can check it out HERE :)