Monday, March 21, 2016

Happily Ever After // {Bridal Details}

          I recently received a few questions about details from our wedding so I thought it would be fun to post about some of the things I incorporated into our special day! Planning a wedding is so exciting and a memorable. I will truly miss everyone moment I spent on ours.

          It's so easy to get caught up in magazine pictures and Pinterest posts. So make sure that when you're thinking about what to include in your day that you think from you heart and all your details mean so much more to you. Trust me, when you look back on your pictures or videos it's going to be amazing because everything will have a special place in your heart. If you want to see some of the things we chose check out the pictures below! 

This was my dress. It's a Watters WTOO in the style POETA (12159). It's a fit and flare all over lace gown with lace covered buttons down the back over a hidden zipper. I knew when I started looking that I wanted a fit and flare or mermaid style. You can read about how I purchased this dress here (it was a steal!!). I loved everything about this dress. It was comfortable and light, it fit my venue, but most importantly it made me feel like the best version of myself. I didn't feel like I was wearing something for someone else. I really felt like I picked the perfect dress for me and I am going to cherish it forever. When you're shopping for your dress, don't get caught up in what everyone else is saying. At the end of the day YOU are the one wearing it so pick a dress that you love and keep these things in mind: Can you afford it?  //  Does it fit your wedding venue, theme, and season?  //  Is it comfortable to wear all day through ceremony, pictures, dinner, and dancing?  //  Do you feel amazing, confident, and bridal in it?

The most important thing I can tell you about your dress is that no two brides are exactly the same. You may find your dress right away or it may take you multiple trips to many bridal salons until you find THE one. Don't get discouraged. It can be an exhausting process. I know I broke a sweat getting in and out of gowns over and over again. Just try to remember that this is (hopefully) the only time you're going to do this. Have fun with it and be honest about what you like and dislike. The stylist is there to help you and you won't hurt their feelings by telling them what you think. After all, they didn't design it. You can read more about dress shopping here

I knew that I wanted to buy a perfume for our wedding day. Scents are such a powerful memory trigger and I wanted a special fragrance that would always remind me and my husband of our day. You can read more of my Top 5 Do's (including this one) here. I sampled several perfumes to make sure that I found one that I loved, but also one that worked well with my body chemistry. This is Chanel Chance Eau Tendre. It's so beautiful and the moment I walked up to my husband during our "Blind First Look" he said I smelled amazing. I mean, think about how close you are going to be to your new hubby all night: your ceremony, sitting together at dinner, your first dance, cake cutting, etc. Now imagine thinking about every one of those moments every time you wear your perfume again. It's a really sweet and easy way to keep your wedding day memory alive long after the party is over.

My bouquet was such an amazing representation of what I had discussed with my florist. The soft pinks and blushes with the unique gold spray painted accents really fit my whole wedding theme. She used this beautiful silk ribbon to wrap the stems and carrying it down the aisle felt perfect. My favorite color is pink and I felt like my florist balanced my taste with the theme of our wedding so well. You can find more info on our florist here. I highly recommend them!

Now, if you've been following along you know that we were actually married in 2012. So these are our original rings. Well, it's my original ring. My husband was traveling to Florida from Virginia right before our wedding. He was there for work and came as soon as he was able. The day he left he called me to let me know he was on the road. I was so excited.  I supposed I kind of jinxed him because I teased him that he had better not have forgotten anything. Well, not an hour into his drive he called me back and said, "Babe, I forgot the most important thing." For some reason I knew instantly, "Oh no! Your ring!" We had a good laugh about it and decided that I would go to the store and buy one similar to his for him to use for the ceremony. So, while this isn't his ring, it is almost identical and we'll always have that funny memory.  

I bought these garters from the Etsy shop GarterQueen. You can shop these exact pair here. They were such an incredible price and went perfectly with my theme. I loved the blush color and the stretch lace. I preferred the lace style garters over the satiny or elastic ruched looking garters. The lace felt so delicate and feminine. They stayed on pretty well all night but I will say that the rhinestones did rub the inner lining of my dress and created some pulls. It didn't really bother me too much though since no one will see the dress lining anyway.  

This is the MOST special piece that I had with me at our wedding. This was the little bible that my Grandmother carried down the aisle on her wedding day. It was still wrapped in the original satin material as it was the day she got married to my Grandfather. There were notes in the margin and passages circled inside. It was worn and stained but full of love. I tucked my wedding vows inside and held it with my bouquet. Carrying it made me feel like I was sharing my special day with theirs. I am so thankful my sweet Grandmother gave me the honor of holding such a meaningful piece of her life on such a meaningful day in mine.

So this little piece kind of happened by accident but it turned out even better than I could have imagined. When ever my husband signs a note, letter, or card he gives me, he signs it the same way every time. The message is sort of an inside thing that we share from something a long time ago. I thought it would be really special to have it with me so I had a sample of his handwriting embroidered onto a handkerchief. I got it done here at this Etsy shop.  They did an amazing job! It really looks like his writing. I had originally planned to have it cut and stitched onto the inside of my dress. Unfortunately, or fortunately I suppose is more like it, I ran out of time and I wasn't able to do it. However, I ended up having my Maid of Honor carry it with her and hand it to me at the ceremony when the waterworks began. Then, I dried my husbands tears when he shed a couple...shhh ;)...So, in actuality not having it sewn into my dress allowed me to have this sweet little message as I dried both of eyes during such a special moment.

My sash was also from Etsy. It's sold out but you can find similar styles at the shop linked here. It was a lovely blush ribbon with rhinestones set in rose gold. My necklace and earrings, also set in rose gold, matched it perfectly. They were absolutely beautiful and they came as a set. This was actually the most expensive detail I had, but the fact that it came with earrings, matched all of my other details, AND everything else I bought had been pretty affordable, made me comfortable enough to make the purchase. You can find the exact set here. It comes in a silver finish as well. 

 Finally, my shoes!! Probably one of my favorite details were my gorgeous pumps by Betsey Johnson. I got them during a sale at an AMAZING price. They were so comfortable I kept them on pretty much all night except for the very end when Party Rock came on and I had to shuffle (#obvi). You can read more about them here. I haven't found them on sale anywhere in a while but they are still available online here, here, here, and here

          As you can see, my details all went together pretty well. A lot of them were sourced from Etsy which I loved because you're buying from a small business. Not to mention, a lot of these pieces were nothing like I had been seeing in stores...especially in price! I can honestly say if I could go back and change anything I wouldn't. I loved every unique piece and how they all came together to create my vision so perfectly. I hope you enjoyed reading about my bridal details. Next up will be all about my Bridesmaids and Groomsmen! I'll also be doing some DIYs with my pieces so be sure to check back or better yet subscribe! Also follow me on Instagram if you have it!