Monday, November 2, 2015

Happily Ever After // {How to Save on your Save the Date Pictures}

Hi guys! This post is going to be about an easy way to save a little cash on your save the date pictures. Actually, this could also apply to your engagement pictures too!

So, if you didn't already know, my husband and I got married in 2012.We never had a wedding because he got orders to deploy a mere two weeks after he proposed. We decided we didn't want to wait a whole year to get married so we just had quick ceremony at the courthouse. While being married to such a wonderful man is more than I could have ever dreamed of, I knew I wanted to have a wedding someday because I wanted those memories with my family. Well, we finally decided to get things going and so far it's been a blast planning things out.

We don't want to spend crazy money on this day so we've been finding different ways to cut costs here and there. One of those was pictures. Now I totally understand that being engaged is a very special time and you may want to document that with a lovely photoshoot. I would have too if I had been engaged a little longer. However, since our story is a little different, we've had to do things in our own way. So instead of spending a few hundred dollars on a photographer and prints, we took my camera and tripod out to a beautiful location near our house and shot some pictures ourselves.

I have a Samsung NX 300 and a standard tripod. All we did was set up the camera and linked it to my phone, a Samsung S5. Using Samsung's Smart Camera App, we were able to control the camera with my phone. It was super easy and worked great!

Here are some other things to think about:
1. Posing: If you're worried about posing you can always turn to Pinterest for some ideas. We didn't do anything crazy because the pictures were mostly for our save the dates, but Pinterest has some great photo posing inspiration.
2. Outfits: We didn't match our outfits exactly, but we did wear coordinating colors. I personally think it looks so much better to coordinate then to match completely. I picked out something for him and me that complemented each other and went with the color scheme I had in mind for the save the dates so I could avoid a color clashing combination. The color of his shirt was actually an accent color in my dress so I think it worked out well.
3. Camera: If you don't have a camera or tripod you could always borrow from a friend. An even more personal touch would be to get a friend to take pictures for you!
4. You don't need a fancy camera! These days, cell  phones can take amazing quality photos! Plus, all the apps available out there give you endless editing possibilities!

In the end we spent $0 on our pictures!! We haven't gotten any printed yet, but we probably will for around the house and maybe even some for the reception. Look for the next Happily Ever After post coming soon about how to save on your actual save the date cards!