Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Look for Less // {Chanel Inspired Bags}

Have you seen Chanel's boy bag? Probably. It seems like every blogger and their mom have one. It is a gorgeous bag with a chic and classic look. It's also like thousands and I do mean THOUSANDS of dollars. Which is totally great if you can afford it but realistically the everyday girl can't. Even if I did have a spare $5 grand I'd probably save it for a down payment on house, a car, a future baby, etc,. but whatever to each their own :)

It's all good though guys because this bag, like many others, has inspired many brands to come out with similar designs. I know some people really have a probably with cheaper designer inspired pieces because they feel like it takes away from the value of the real designer piece, but I don't. In fact, I love them!

So if you are Ballin' on a Budget, if you love Designer style but you're Fashionably Frugal, if you love Wholefoods but can only afford like Half an orange there (seriously I bought a drink there once and it was like $6), if you have Champagne taste on a Beer budget, if you Crave Caviar with a Taco Bell bank account, if the bottom of your heels are not red, or if you're just practical and want to get the Look for Less, check out the bags below :)

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1. This is the Chanel Boy Bag with the classic quilted pattern and dark silver hardware in a lovely burgundy color.

2. Rebecca Minkoff released this crossbody bag call "Love." It has the same quilted pattern with shinier silver hardware. It's priced at $295. This bag comes in multiple colors and it's great because it can be used as a crossbody but you can also wear it as a shoulder bag. There is a chestnut colored version on sale here for 40% off at $176. It has gold hardware and I am abosolutly dying for it! There's also a Mini "Love" version here for $195 and a jumbo version here for $355.

3. This Forever 21 bag also has the quilted pattern and silver hardware. While the shoulder strap and front flap are different, there is a chain hanging across the front which ties back the original design. This is the most affordable bag at only $24.90 that will still give you that Chanel inspired look.

4. This is also the Chanel Boy Bag with the classic quilted pattern and dark silver hardware in black. I should mention that this bag come in various sizes and colors.

5. Again, this is the Rebecca Minkoff "Love" crossbody bag for $295. The black quilted pattern is a dead ringer for the Chanel bag with only minor differences such as the shinier silver hardware and solid strip down the middle of the front flap. This bag also comes in a version with black hardware but I read reviews that mentioned the black chips off of the metal. The "Love" bag also comes with animal print seen here, on sale here, and the mini version here.

6. This is the same Forever 21 bag but in black. It also comes in cream for $24.90.

7. The quilted pattern on this Chanel bag is in a chevron design. It's the same overall look with the metal hardware, chain strap, and front flap.

8. This Rebecca Minkoff "Love" crossbody bag offers the same chevron quilted pattern and is $295 .

9. The front flap of this Forever 21 bag is more of an envelope shape but the design is still very similar. You have the quilted chevron pattern, chain strap, and metal hardware. This bag also comes in black and taupe. The thing I love about this bag is that it can be a shoulder purse or a crossbody just by using one or both of the handles unlike the other Forever 21 bags mentioned above. It's priced at $27.90.

If you are dead set on owning a Chanel bag, which even I hope for someday, you can look into buying a used one at some resale sites such as or You can also rent designer bags from which also has a "Buy" section where you can purchase certain used bags for a discount.

Regardless of whether you're carrying Chanel or a no name brand bag you found at the bottom of the bargain bin the important thing is that you own your style and love what you have. At the end of the day, confidence and kindness are the two best accessories are girl can have!