Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fall Fashion Staples // {The Foldover Clutch}

The fold over clutch has been making its rounds lately. It's a chic piece that adds a little extra dimension to the basic flat clutch and has become quite a fall fashion staple. If you follow any fashion bloggers I'm sure that at one point or another you've probably come across the beautiful leopard clutch by Clare V. pictured below.

There's a reason some pieces become so ubiquitous. I mean, it's a beautiful piece. I myself have been coveting this gorgeous clutch for quite some time. However, it's a litter pricier than I'd feel comfortable spending. So, I've  been searching for some similar styles and actually came across a few that are very affordable.

1. Express Leopard Clutch  //  2. Old Navy Black & White Clutch  //  3. Old Navy Berry Clutch  //  4. Old Navy Leopard Clutch 

Last month Old Navy posted a picture on Instagram of a leopard clutch and it finally popped up on their website a couple days ago! The material on the leopard print side almost looks like felt but for $19 I'll take it (Plus get 30% off with the coupon code "Good")! The black and white clutch is also from Old Navy. I love the print and I think it would look great with a burgundy or mustard colored fall outfit. The berry clutch is Old Navy as well and the color is just perfect for fall. One of the best ones I've found has to be the clutch from Express. It looks more high end and even has a strap to convert the clutch into a shoulder bag! You can also find styles that are made to look like the Clare V. clutch on Etsy. The foldover clutch, with its classic shape is definitely going to be a chic piece to add to your fall wardrobe that you're sure to use over and over again.

Here are some additional styles not pictured: Asos Leopard Foldover, Steve Madden Foldover, Lulus Foldover, Asos Leather Foldover, Asos Black Leather Foldover, Francesca's Striped Foldover, Forever 21 Foldover