Monday, August 17, 2015

Where I Went // {Maymont Park}

Well, we moved to a new city and have been so excited to take in of all the sites! Richmond isn't too far so we've been going almost every weekend. It is FULL of history I'm just so in love with it all! I think I was definitely made for city life. We recently visited Maymont Park and it was amazing. It's a historic estate with gardens, a mansion, and all kinds of beautiful places to check out. If you're ever in the Richmond area I highly recommend visiting. There was a girl getting her bridal portraits done, a couple taking some engagement shots, and some sweet little toddlers have a photo session with their mama. It truly is such a picturesque location. Here are a few shots from our day!



I've been obsessed with Food Trucks! We went to a little food truck court in the city and the food was awesome! They have several areas where they hold food truck courts during the week. It's so fun to see all the different foods and support these little businesses.

Old Navy has been  having some crazy good sales lately. I went in last week and they had an additional 30% off their clearance stuff. I picked up this awesome maxi skirt for $12. I wore it with a plain white tank and a denim vest.