Sunday, August 2, 2015

Fashion Cents // {Nordstrom Anniversary Sale}

As many of you know the Nordstom Anniversary sale has been going on and today is actually the last day before prices go back up! I usually start this sale telling myself that I'm not going to go crazy and buy up the website. I usually fail and spend way too much. However, this year I was really good and only bought one thing...grant it I bought it in three colors but hey, I think that's a win.

So this time around I came out with three pairs of the Zella Live In leggings. They are usually around $52 and during the sale they were $33+. I had never tried these before but I heard a lot of great things about them. They were such a great price I figured I give them a try. 

That turned out to be a mistake..sort of. It was a mistake in that as soon as I got in one pair, I headed back to get two more! These leggings are amazing. The material is so soft and thick with lots of great stretch. They hold up during the gym and I've worn them around town twice already and can't wait for it to get cold so I actually have an excuse to wear them daily. The most important part for me was that they passed the bend over test. I hate it when I get leggings and they are sheer. These are definitely going to be my go to brand of leggings for a while. 

So if you're looking for a last minute buy from the sale, check out the Zella live in leggings! You will not be disappointed!