Sunday, June 7, 2015

DIY// {Kimono}

I found this pretty vintage flat sheet at Goodwill last year and never got around to using for anything. I love the soft pink color and when I found this $1 trim at Target I thought it would make a great summer kimono. It's only a few cuts, hemming, and sewing on the trim. Check out the steps below!

I used about a yard of fabric for this project. First, open your fabric up and fold it in half show in the first diagram top to bottom. Then, take your folded fabric and fold it again right to left shown in the second diagram. 
1. After you've folded your fabric twice you should have a rectangular shape. The dotted line in this diagram is where you will cut. This will create the sides and sleeves of your kimono.
2. After you cut the sides you will need to cut the neck hole. The dotted line in this diagram is an example of where you would cut. I measured about 5 inches from the folded edge. 

3. After you've cut the neck hole, open your fabric up and you should have this shape. You will need to sew together the sides shown by the red arrows. Then hem the edges of your sleeves and neck shown as well as the bottom edge all the way around. The last cut you'll need to make is shown by the black dotted lines. This will be the front opening of your kimono. If you add trip  like I did you don't have to hem the edges of your opening, but if you're leaving the front plain, you'll need to hem the front. 

After everything is sewn and hemmed you can turn your kimono inside our to add the trim or just throw it on and enjoy!

                Here are some pictures of my actual process                  

Fabric, trim, and studs. I actually didn't add the studs but I might do so later. 

To make the neck hole, I measured about 5 inches from the folded edge and used pins to mark where I would start cutting to where I would end.

I added trim to the sleeves and the front of my kimono but if you skip this part you can just hem the edges of your front opening.  

 Here is the finished product!