Sunday, May 24, 2015

DIY // {Lilly for Target 2 Piece Set}

I got a couple requests for a tutorial on this two piece that I made from a Lilly Pulitzer for Target dress. I didn't plan this one out but I did have a couple pictures from the process I thought I could share. This isnt as detailed as I'd like it to be but feel free to ask me any questions. The most important point I want to make is that I used a girls XL. The girls dresses were shaped a little differently than the womens and the back zipper on the girls version was much shorter than the one on the womens which made it ideal for creating this set. 

Check out the pictures below to get an idea of how I created this look!

1. I used a Lilly for Target girls XL dress. You can use any dress you want but make sure that the back zipper doesn't go all the way down the back of the dress.

2. Measure how long you want you top and skirt to be. Keep in mind that you'll need about a centimeter to hem each piece once you cut the dress in two.  So however long you want your top and bottom give yourself about an inch or inch and a half extra to hem. The red dotted line is an example of where you would need to cut your dress. I used a top and skirt that I already had to measure how long I wanted each piece to be. 

3. I like to cut with the fabric out on the right side that way I can see how my material will look. Once you measure the length of your top and bottom you can cut your dress in two. You will now have one top piece and  one skirt piece. Then, all you have to do to the top is turn  it inside out and hem the edge and you're done!

** Take a look at steps 4 & 5 for optional designs that I chose to do on my top just to fit my taste. You don't have to to follow steps 4 & 5 if you want your top as is. Skip to step 6 to finish your skirt. 

**Optional 4. My top was wide so I chose to take it in so it was a little more fitted. The dotted blue line is how I sewed the sides of my top to make it fit my body a little tighter. Again, you don't have to do this part but if you do, take it in BEFORE you hem the bottom of your top. 

**Optional 5. Another thing I did to my top is give the front a slight crescent shape. To do this I cut along the red line giving myself an extra centimeter to hem the edge. 

6. On the back of your skirt you will need to take a part the seam that runs down the middle. You should separate the seam to enough to fit your zipper. I used an 8" zipper but you can use any length you like just make sure that its long enough so that you can fit into your skirt when it is unzipped. 

7. Once your seam is undone (shown by the green lines) sew in your zipper. 

8. Once your back zipper is sewn in, measure the waist of your skirt and take it in as needed.  You can do this by sewing along the side seams or you can put in darts like I did. The blue lines are an example of how I sewed in darts to make my skirt fit my waist. You can see the darts in the right picture. I sewed two in the front of the skirt and two in the back. Once your skirt is measured to fit your waist the way you'd like you can now hem the top edge.  Once you're done with that turn your skirt right side out and enjoy!!

Now you've got a great set that you can wear together or mix and match with other pieces!