Tuesday, April 21, 2015

DIY // {Scrunch Bikini Bottoms}

If you've been bikini shopping I'm sure you seen the scrunch bottoms. They are all over the place from high-end swimsuit lines to Target bikinis. They're pretty flattering because they really help give your bottom some shape. I bought a couple scrunch bikini bottoms from Victoria's Secret last year but wanted more for this summer. I had a bunch of bikinis that were in good shape but could've used a little updating. So, I bought some 1/4" elastic and made my own scrunch bottoms! Super easy and took less than 10 mins! Follow along below :)

1. Grab a pair of bikini bottoms  //  2. Draw a line down the center of the back on the inside of the bottoms and pin elastic  //  3. Sew elastic ||IMPORTANT|| You MUST stretch the elastic as you are sewing it to get the scrunched look...if you don't stretch it as you go you are just sewing the elastic to the bottoms and there will be no scrunch!! (stretch it as far as possible! it helps to stretch from the bottom of the elastic and steady the sewing from the top of the elastic)  //  4. Since you stretched as you sewed there will be extra elastic. Just cut it off, turn your bikini bottoms right side out, and enjoy how good they look!!

Now those old or baggy bottoms are looking fresh and stylish!