Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Triangl Bikini Dupe Review // {Aliexpress Neoprene Bikini}

Well guys they finally arrived!! Unfortunately, they arrived AFTER I left for my cruise. Bummer. However, there is still some good news...and that is...they are actually pretty awesome. So if you read this post then you know that this was my first time ordering from Aliexpress and I was a little hesitant. I read a lot of reviews (like a lot) and figured I'd give it a try considering they were so cheap.

I ordered the mint and neon coral. The colors are very accurate to what I saw on the website and the material feels like neoprene. The sizing is a little hit or miss according to the reviews. I looked at the size chart and compared to the reviews a lot of people found the items too small. For this reason I ordered a size up in the bottoms (I'm about 37" around my lower hip) and I stuck with a small for the top (I'm a 34C).

Overall the bikini fits fine. I think I could have gone with a medium in the top but the small still fits. The bottoms fit perfect. I'm really glad I went with the medium because I feel like a small would have really cut into my hips. The quality isn't bad. The straps are adjustable and the snap closure on the back feels secure. There were a couple of stray threads but nothing that would make me upset about paying $28 for two bikinis. Also, due to the material there were a couple creases. The seller gives you the option of purchasing a box to have them shipped in if you want to avoid that. I just chanced it since they were so cheap and the creases aren't really noticeable once the suit is on.

Here are my bikinis. There is no filter and these have not been edited. 

Lighting may have altered the brightness a little in the seller's photos. Also remember all computer screens are not the same. However, compared with the seller's pictures below you can see that the style and colors are pretty accurately represented. 

Now here is an original version from Triangl.

So as you can see the aliexpress version is pretty close. I am very happy with this purchase. I knew that they would take a while to arrive but I still wish that they had arrived before I left for spring break. That being said, if you're interested in ordering one of these beauties, here a few things to remember:

1. If you want one for the summer, order it now. It took about 5 weeks for it to arrive to Virginia from China. The estimated shipping time I was told was 5-15 days. Clearly that was inaccurate. So do yourself a favor and order this baby now that way you can enjoy it when the weather warms up!

2. I used the seller: Coolcut2014      store number: 1186814   Her name was May Tan.

3. Ordering from these types of websites can be kind of sketchy. Regardless of what shop you use, make sure you do a little research. Read as many reviews as possible. Bad reviews can tell you what problems you might expect and how to possible avoid them. Pay special attention to reviews with pictures that way you can see an actual product that someone received. Carefully read the description of the item. Many of these style of bikinis being sold aren't made with neoprene so be sure that the material is stated. 

4. Keep your eye on the purchase protection time. If the time runs out before you get the product or request an extension, you lose the chance to get a refund or make an exchange. 

I am happy to say that I had a fairly positive experience with this particular seller. I know that everyone's experience may vary but I am quite satisfied with the purchase. I got two kinis for a fraction of the cost of the original versions! I will probably be ordering a couple more colors!

If you have any questions about the shop or the bikinis leave me a comment!