Wednesday, February 18, 2015

DIY // {Fabric Wall Art}

I am on my third snow day from school today and was getting a little stir crazy so I decided to fix up my work space. Our house is small it can be hard to carve out an area where I can do homework. This space is small but it's bright and girly.

I used a lot of pieces I already had like the Amazing Grace print (bought from Hobby Lobby), the two Target cards I put in frames (you can see that post here), and the letter H (also bought from Hobby Lobby). Finally, I covered two canvases that I had with some fun fabric. Read on for easy instructions!

1. All I used for this was 1 yard of fabric, two canvases, hot glue gun, and scissors

2. Lay your fabric out flat. Place your canvas on top and cut around it giving yourself enough fabric wrap over the edge. I left about two inches all the way around. It also might be a good idea to iron out any wrinkles or creases before you glue the fabric.

3. After cutting and ironing your fabric lay it out with the print side on the ground. Place your canvas with the backside facing up. Use your hot glue gun and put a line of glue across the edge of the canvas and press the fabric firmly. Continue this all the way around until all four sides are glued down.  You want to pull the fabric taut as you go around the edge but be sure you check the right side of the canvas to make sure that the print is straight and not being pulled to tightly on side making it crooked. 
Voila! Easy wall art! It's so versatile! I think I'll be buying some fabric and creating something similar for our bedroom.