Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Funday // {Out and About}

Today was such a beautiful day! We grabbed some Dunkin' coffee and took a drive around town. First we stopped by the farmers market to look at the pumpkin patch. However, it was more like pumpkin pallets. They were all still so beautiful though. I loved seeing the little kids running around picking their favorites. So cute! Am I totally weird for being completely in love with the weirdest shaped ones? The odder the better! Also, the white pumpkins were to die for! Here are just a few pictures and outfit details from our little excursion.  

Infinity Scarf: Target $12

Our second stop  was at the ocean front. We dropped by the Cavalier Hotel for their liquidation sale just to see what they had. I have to say this is one of the prettiest views here in Virginia Beach. The Cavalier Hotel is a historic hotel consisting of two buildings. They were purchased and are going to be remodeled so they were selling everything, and I do mean everything on the property. There were tables, chairs, linens, lamps, desks, and more. You could buy up the rugs that were still down, the bars, the bathroom counter tops, mirrors, and even the sheets. It was a little creepy walking around the halls but the views were amazing!

This is the older of the two buildings. It is beautiful. I am really hoping that they keep the exterior as is. I would be very sad to see such a gorgeous building torn down!

I seriously wanted this chair because it reminded me of Ellie's chair from Up. 

Jeggings: Paris Blues from Ross (Old)
Booties: Ross (Old)