Monday, October 6, 2014

DIY // {Sweater Pillow}

I absolutely love the cozy sweater pillows that come out during the holiday season. It was super easy and you don't even have to have a sewing machine to make this. I had an old ivory sweater that I was going to get rid of so I thought it would be perfect for this project. All I did was cut the top of the sweater off. I sewed up the bottom, put the pillow in and sewed up the top! Then, voila! The perfect cozy sweater pillow!

1. Cut off the top of an old sweater straight across.

2. Turn it inside out and sew one of the open ends closed using a machine or by hand.
3. Turn it right side out and put your pillow in.

4. Fold the raw edges inward.

5. This is what it looked like after I folded the raw edges in and pulled both sides together.

6. Pin the opening shut and sew by hand or using machine. I sewed this end by hand since the pillow made it a little difficult to get this in my smaller sewing machine. 

7. Enjoy your super cozy, super affordable, super stylish pillow!

I will be making more of these but I think I'm going to do sweater pillow cases next time so they can be changed out.