Monday, October 20, 2014

DIY // {Place mat Clutch}

Okay, so you might think I'm crazy but, when I walked by this place mat at Target today I thought, "Wow! That would make a great clutch!" So, I bought it and made a clutch. Check out the steps below!

1. Hot glue gun *
2. Magnetic closure (I bought mine at the craft store for $2.99)
3. Small piece of fabric**
4. Scissors
5. Marker
6. Razor
7. Place mat

*I guess I forgot to take a picture of me using the glue gun. All I did for the sides of the bag was put a line of glue along the edge and pressed down to close it up. 

**I used a small piece of fabric to attach the top magnetic closure because I didn't want the tabs visible on the outside of the front of the purse. By using a piece of fabric and then gluing it to the inside of the clutch, the outside of the purse doesn't have holes for the magnetic closures. 

1. Cut slits for the tabs on your magnetic clasp // 2. Put magnetic tabs through the slits and flatten //3. This is what the magnetic clasp looks like after it's been attached to the piece of fabric // 4. Glue the back of the fabric to the wrong side of the place mat. Attach the other side of the magnetic clasp to the one you already glued down // 5.  Color the tabs of that clasp with a marker // 6. Fold down the top of the mat to where you want the closure to be // 7. Once you press down there should be two black marks // 8. Use a razor to poke through the two marks // 9. Insert the other half of the magnetic clasp // 10. Fold down tabs // 11. Use hot glue gun and glue up both sides