Tuesday, October 28, 2014

DIY // {Elbow Patches}

This is a quick and easy DIY! I've been seeing elbow patches on sweaters a lot this season. It looked like something that would be easy to create. However, I was walking around Hobby Lobby and found some iron on elbow patches! Perfect! So I picked up a pack for only $4.99 and voila! A new look for an old cardigan!

1. Find an old sweater // 2. Put it on and mark where you elbow is in the sleeve // 3. Lay your sweater front side down flat on the ground and smooth our your sleeve. Then place your patch centered above the mark you made // 4. Put a piece of cloth over the patch and sleeve (I used an old t-shirt). Set your iron to cotton and make sure you turn off the steam. // 5. Repeat to on the other sleeve and then you're done!

I haven't put this through the wash yet but I will probably wash it in a delicates bag on a gentle cycle.