Sunday, August 10, 2014

What I Wore // {Marshalls find}

I found this beautiful off the shoulder top in the Marshall's juniors section yesterday. It was the bright and floral pattern that caught my eye...but it was the $12 price tag that made me buy it!! The material is super light and it's so breezy on. It has spaghetti straps but I chose no to wear those as I thought it looked better complete bare on the shoulders. The band that wraps around my shoulders is very soft and stretchy. I didn't irritate my skin or slip down while I wore it. If you have a Marshall's near you I recommend popping in for a quick look around. They have awesome stuff. I almost bought an adorable Kate Spade wallet and some gold printed throw pillows. I resisted though. Anyway, the shorts are from two summer's ago at Ross for $8, the purse is from last summer $13, and shoes are from last summer $15.