Thursday, August 7, 2014

Frugal Fashion // {Goodwill skirt}

Well, I had plans to go somewhere today but they fell through. I didn't want to waste a good outfit though! I bought this skirt at a local Goodwill. I can never resist a good thrift store. I'm so lucky have a handful near by. I paired it with a simple red tank top, a belt, and wedges. Do you have any good thrift stores in your area? I have a route that I follow regularly that takes me to all the store near my house. I buy a lot from thrift stores...especially books! A lot of my furniture projects have come from Goodwill as well. I also make it a habit to donate anything I don't use anymore. I think it helps with thrift store karma =P

I used a 1" curling iron to create these waves. I didn't use the clamp. I held onto the ends of a section of hair and wrapped it around the barrel. The I took two sections from the bottom of my head and braided them. I pulled the ends of those braids across the top of my head and clipped them to create a braided crown.