Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Back to School // {Mad for Plaid}

Nothing says back to school to me like plaid. I guess it reminds me of a school uniform. Sometimes it can be a little scary to integrate plaid into your wardrobe because of the pattern and colors. Plus you don't want to look like you just walked off a private school campus. Don't let that keep you from wearing it! If you feel a little hesitant try a smaller piece like a hair accessory or scarf. 

The pieces below are just a few that I've found and loved. I like how classic the plaid feels but I also like the unexpected materials like the chiffon plaid top from Wet Seal or the sexy silhouette of the pencil skirt from Lulu's. I typically love to layer a button down plaid top under a sweater with just the cuffs, collar, and a little of the bottom of the shirt showing. Either way it's safe to say that back school season makes me Mad for Plaid!!!

1. Wet Seal $19.90 // 2. Asos $19.33 // 3. Forever 21 $17.80 // 4. Forever 21 $2.80 // 5. Asos $67.71 // 6. Tilly's $29.99 //
7.  Lulu's $55.00  //8. Lulu's $91.00 // 9. Lulu's $44.00 // 10. Charlotte Russe $42.50 On Sale $25.00 // 11. Forever 21 $8.80